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Holt Renfrew -Spring display windows.

I started this project by painting an internal wall on the third floor, followed by seventy feet of the same graphic for five third floor displays, then I painted twelve canvases which were on display on the main floor in the “Accessories” department as well as the two display windows down on the concourse level. Next up were the two main floor alcoves, which are located either side of the store towards the back, all the above mentioned work was done during six weeknight evenings and over two weekends. The windows, I only had one week to complete these, so I did one each night, first two were the big ones, forty feet across (either side of the front main doors, working my way across to the West, towards Bay Street.

These windows won an “Award of Merit” with the VMSD.

I was totally exhausted, yet extremely thrilled at the outcome of this project.


CHANEL CoCo Rouge lipstick canvas

Commission by CHANEL.

4’x5′ canvas using CHANEL CoCo Rouge lipstick as the medium.

Performed live at Holt Renfrew, Bloor Street, Toronto with the finished canvas now hanging in the Chanel offices located just outside of Montreal, QC.