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Cherry Blossom 4.0 in its new home.

Cherry Blossom4.0


Colour Jam, 2012

• 72″x54″
• Spray Paint
• Latex
• Epoxy Resin
• Canvas

Colour jam 2012

Race Horses.

Mixed media canvas.

• 72″x54″
• Spray paint
• Acrylic
• India ink
• Epoxy Resin clear coat
• Latex

Cherry Blossom dresser.

• Wood
• Spray paint
• Lacquer
• Acrylic
• India ink
• Enamel

Custom painted dresser.

Sarah’s Furniture

After having my work published in the March 2012 issue of Chatelaine Magazine, I received a phone call from a client interested in having her old family furniture painted for her young daughter’s room. I jumped at the opportunity to paint these beautiful pieces.

Aqua Blossom

Quite possibly the busiest abstract canvas I’ve painted to date.

60″ x 48″ Stretched canvas • Latex paint • Spray paint • Acrylic • India ink • High gloss epoxy resin finish

View the slideshow of this canvas’ details.

RAIN 43 Boardroom Mural

RAIN 43 is an agency located in downtown Toronto. My commission was to electrify their main boardroom wall.

“Yeah, it’s a Hemi” …in place.

A canvas I painted, photographed hanging at a client’s home.

54″x 72″

One Shot enamel on canvas.


A couple of canvases styling up a chic studio.

Shoe canvas.

A POP ART approach to painting a shoe.

Latex, acrylics and India ink with a two part epoxy resin clear coat – 4’x4′.

Condo Canvas

Canvas painted for a client who was styling up a condominium sales centre. Colour palette was greys and blue.