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Cherry Blossom 4.0 in its new home.

Cherry Blossom4.0


Tiffany Blossom.

• 72’x54″
• Latex
• Spray Paint
• Enamel
• Epoxy Resin
• Canvas

Tiffany Blossom

Untitled, yet sold.

Mixed media.

• 72″x54″ canvas
• Latex
• Spray paint
• Epoxy resin

Hot Spots

Donated my time and talent to our local community art fair, rocking a 78″x55.5″ canvas.

“Hot Spots”
• 78″x55.5″ canvas
• Latex
• Spray paint

Standing there to give you a sense of proportion.

Jordan family mural.

Mural for a little boy’s room with matching ceiling fan blades. The little man loved it!

• Spray paint
• Latex
• India Ink

“Yeah, it’s a Hemi” …in place.

A canvas I painted, photographed hanging at a client’s home.

54″x 72″

One Shot enamel on canvas.

Portrait series for a “Bare Naked Ladies” music video.

This commission was a first time for me at attempting portraits. Paintings are multi-media: Spray paint, acrylic and paint marker. Photographs of the paintings were placed into the “Bare Naked Ladies” “Every Subway Car” music video -post production.

Commissioned through CTY Agency.

Shoe canvas.

A POP ART approach to painting a shoe.

Latex, acrylics and India ink with a two part epoxy resin clear coat – 4’x4′.

Condo Canvas

Canvas painted for a client who was styling up a condominium sales centre. Colour palette was greys and blue.