Follow along as I post up my most recent works.


Vans Hi-Standard Series, Mount St. Louis-Moonstone 2014 event.

Commissioned to design and paint artwork for a massive (easily size 22) Vans® shoe, live at the Vans® Hi-Standard Series 2014 event/Ontario.

During this event, Vans® gave out 10 blank pairs of shoes complete with coloured markers to contestants in the base lodge of Mt. St. Louis-Moonstone. Their task was to decorate these shoes however they saw fit, I was there as inspiration, drawing and painting on the massive model shoe. At the end of the event my shoe, now completed was awarded to one of the participants in a random draw. The lucky guy was super stoked (both he and his dad were extremely grateful people). Ten minutes after winning his prize shoe he posted it up on Instagram for all to see (photo attached).

The event follow up promotional video.

Here’s the finished product at the end of the day.



Renée’s Hockey Equipment.

Custom painted hockey equipment for a young lady’s first ever hockey season.ImageImage

Rogers/Nokia “Express Yourself” commercial.

I had the pleasure to work with Publicis on behalf of Rogers launching the “Express Yourself” campaign for the Nokia 920 line of coloured smartphones.

My job was to design and paint an 18’x12′ canvas (in one take in front of the cameras), using the four colours provided (Red, Yellow, Black & White) of which the Nokia 920 was being offered only through Rogers.

This had to be one of the coolest gigs I’ve done to date. With film crew on set, there were four cameras focused in me & my work (two stop motion & two live action cameras floating around, picking up details & close ups).

The final edited video turned out killer!

Very hard working crews on this set… Great people all around!


Dudeman Colour Therapy Show

The opening was on March 21st, 2013 and it turned out to be a very elegant event.

Dudeman Facebook cover photo

DudemanArt 2013- Nick Wons-6

Parkdale Sound Barrier Wall

I was provided the awesome opportunity to participate by painting on Canada’s largest graffiti wall.

More to come on this description.

Final piece.Big colour.

Final piece.
Big colour.

Tiffany Blossom.

• 72’x54″
• Latex
• Spray Paint
• Enamel
• Epoxy Resin
• Canvas

Tiffany Blossom

Colour Jam, 2012

• 72″x54″
• Spray Paint
• Latex
• Epoxy Resin
• Canvas

Colour jam 2012

The Garden.

• 84″x48″
• Spray Paint
• Enamel
• Epoxy Resin
• Canvas

Hancock Massive.

Merchandise Loft murals, Toronto, Canada.

Spray paint on multiple walls: Bedroom, Hallway and Living Room.